Who We Are:

We are experienced as chiropractors (DC) with emphasis on physical wellbeing and fitness as well as functional medicine and lifestyle medicine.  We are national-board certified as Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).

Our passion is to support and guide our clients through the process of increasing their wellbeing (mind, body and spirit, whole person approach) by leveraging God-given strengths and the value of life experiences.  By doing so, you better understand how your unique life story, combined with a plan of action for the present and the future, life just gets better.

What You Can Expect From Us:

One of our main goals is to make the process simple, straightforward, and productive for you.  

  • We will listen to you, first and foremost.
  • We may challenge you (we probably will … but it’s always with the intent of supporting you), but it’s up to you to accept the challenge, decline, or re-negotiate it. 
  • We guide you and support you in creating a plan, then following through on it.  You decide on the level of accountability you want.
  • We are ok with working our way out of our job … as you progress in coaching, you will gain confidence and eventually may want to scale back or even stop coaching.  That’s great!
  • We will put you in the driver’s seat – every step of the way, it’s ultimately your decision on the direction you take and the action you commit to.  We’re not here to boss you around.

Relevant Experience, Education and Training:

Carrie Zvonar:  My top StrengthsFinder 2.0 strength is Learner … therefore I have some extra initials behind my name.  I have a post-doctoral Masters Degree in Human Nutrition besides my DC degree.  I have many coaching certifications including NBC-HWC, Strengths Champion Coach, Lifestyle Medicine Coach and Tobacco/Nicotine Cessation.  In addition to chiropractic practice I have worked as a Health Coach / Health Educator for a major health plan and as a Senior Health Coach for a global wellness company.